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Would Be Breeder

First question is, do you really want a litter and why?  It is not necessary for the bitch to have a litter for health reasons.

So you have decided to have a litter.  Now you should make arrangements with your Vet to x-ray the hips on your bitch, which he will then send to the British Veterinary Association to score.  The highest score is 52:52, this is per hip, this being the worst score.  Ideally, you want a low hip score, up to 8:8 per hip is good as the average is approximately 16 total.  If the hips are bad your Vet will advise you not to breed from her but if the score is low, then you should have her eyes tested.  This is done by a specialist Vet and when she has passed this test then look for a Stud Dog.  The cost of the hip score is approximately 150.  The cost for the eye test is approximately 35.

Now when looking for a Stud Dog ask if he is Kennel Club registered, what his hip score is and the date of his eye test and do make sure that he is Kennel Club registered, otherwise you will not be able to register your puppies.  Stud fees range from 250 to 400, don't just use the dog down the road because you like the look of him or that you can use him for nothing.  Do go and look at the Stud Dog or look at more than 1.  Ask to see the pedigree and let the owner see your bitch's pedigree.  A bitch is usually mated on the 12th to 14th day, but some may be earlier or later.  A good test is to rub her above her tail or down the back of her leg, when she will curl her tail over her back.  This is when she is ready.  Some Stud Dogs will not mate the bitch unless she is ready so 2 visits are required, most don't mind you visiting twice.

When the bitch is mated the owner of the dog will give you a form to register the puppies when they are born and a copy of the dog's pedigree also a date of when the puppies are due.  After about a month you will notice the nipples by her front legs can be seen more, but don't feed your bitch more food.  Treat her as normal until she has the puppies then increase her food and water.

If she does not have puppies the usual agreement with the owner of the Stud Dog is a free mating next season.  This is why you should never use a dog that is not proved on a bitch that has not had puppies as you don't know which is infertile.

Black, Yellow and Chocolate

Never mate Chocolate and Yellow together, you will end up with a very light Chocolate and Yellow eyes.  Preferably mate Chocolate to either another Chocolate or a Black carrying Chocolate.  

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